CBD Drop Shipping

Your complete international CBD drop
shipping solution made easy.

Product Content

We provide all pictures, descriptions and retail pricing via CSV. Visit the downloads tab.

Merchant Processor

We are partnered with Go Green merchant services. Contact our team for more information.

Graphic Design

We will design your logo, labels, and anything else you need when it comes to graphic design.

Website Design

We will design, develop and deploy your online store including merchant processor services.

Drop Shipping CBD Store

All of our products are priced as whole-sale so that you can sell them on your online store and still make some profit. We will ship the products directly to your customers for you.

Website will be Membership Only Starting on 8/01/2019 for $14.99/month

Frequently Asked Questions

We've compiled a list of answers to common questions.

Please enter the address you would like the products shipped to.

Your customers have a 30 day guarantee to return their CBD products

Please visit the private label tab and make sure to enter you’re companies info once you make the order.

We are partnered with GoGreen merchant processors.

We drop ship our products internationally and domestically.

All the content, images, and pricing will be provided via .csv

Typically our process takes 1 week for the website to be completed and developed. Pricing is usually $1,000 for the design and development unless you ask for premium features. 

All of our products are lab tested to ensure top quality is always guaranteed. Please contact us for the lab test results. 

All of our products and websites are FDA compliant.